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Recommendations After Bed Bug Treatment

  1. Keep all beds, night stands, couches, and chairs away from walls.
  2. Don’t allow bed linens, blankets, comforters or anything else on the bed to touch the floor. Do not let drapes hang over or touch the bed.
  3. Continue to sleep in the same bed. You’re the bait, and the bed bugs will end up crossing the residual chemical, and traps, to try to get to you until they are all gone.
  4. We recommend not removing the old bed and not bringing a new bed into the home. The new bed could become infested and moving the old bed could spread the infestation. Bed bugs are good hiders, and under favourable conditions, can live for about a year without feeding.
  5. Lower the Relative Humidity to a normal level with a dehumidifier.
  6. Before getting into bed, and out of bed, carefully check yourself for bed bugs.
  7. If you find a live bed bug, get a tissue, then crush it and flush it.
  8. When on the couch watching TV, put your feet up.
  9. Check pets and pet bedding often.
  10. Control for rodents.
  11. Don’t worry: the application used has residual properties, and the traps or interceptors under the furniture posts will catch them, and will keep working to kill all the bed bugs, even if you see any for a while. Gradually you will see less and less of them until they’re all gone. Life will get back to normal.
  12. It may be small comfort to know that bed bugs, annoying as they are, do not transmit diseases to humans.

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