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Preparation List Before Bed Bug Treatment

  1. No need to move or wash all your clothes. Do not move any items to a different room.
  2. Please carefully and slowly, if you are able, move all furniture and items in all rooms at least a foot away from walls.
  3. Move bed away from walls but do not move mattress or box spring. We’ll do that when we get there.
  4. Carefully and gently remove and bag all linens, blankets, comforters, and pillows from the bed, being careful not to scatter or get any bed bugs on you. Seal the bags by tying a tight knot or use a twist tie and keep in the bedroom until you wash them. Wash in hot water and dry if labels permit and place in a new bag and seal it. Seal up and discard the old bag. After treatment, you can make the bed. If you are unable to wash and/or dry the pillows, please purchase approved pillow encasements.
  5. Don’t leave anything under the bed. Carefully, and gently, slide items out, but leave them in the same room.
  6. On the day of treatment, remove all pets from the premises and cover aquariums.
  7. On the day of treatment, you may open windows.
  8. You are not to re-enter the premises for at least 4 hours after treatment has finished.

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