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Preparation Checklist Before Bed Bug Treatment

Recommendations After Bed Bug Treatment

Ant Treatments

How to get rid of Fruit Flies - Naturally

Pest ID

Halifax Honey Bee Society

Dragnet FT - Label - Pest Control Product Registration Number - PCP 24175

Dragnet FT - Material Safety Data Sheet - MSDS

Drione Insecticidal Powder - Label - PCP 15255

Drione Insecticidal Powder - MSDS

Bell Contrac Blox - Label -  PCP 22239

Bell Contrac Blox - MSDS

Ditrac All-Weather Blox - Label - PCP 22134

Ditrac All-Weather Blox - MSDS

First Strike Soft Bait - Label - PCP 29503

First Strike Soft bait - MSDS

Wildlife Act of NS

Hunting and Furharvesting Summary of Regulations

Fur Harvesting Regulations

General Wildlife Regulations

HRM Animal Services

Living with Wildlife



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